We want to assist and inspire your customers in the process of finding their new home.
Combine beautiful 3D visualizations with our highly engaging visual marketing platform where customers can search for apartments, be informed and discover the surrounding area. Creating a digital twin of the area and the property will give you the freedom of going beyond reality.


Our web-based 3D interaction platform supports every step in the marketing and sales lifecycle.

Using the latest browser based 3D technologies we follow the logic of creating once and used anywhere, on any device.

Our platform can be integrated with your website, increasing sales, productivity and marketing efficiency

Interactive 3D platform

A highly engaging real-time 3D sales tool that allows users to search for apartments, be informed and discover the surrounding area. Mobile first and 100% browser based this solution gets data from a customized database or directly from the developers already existing database. The platform is linked to Google Analytics and gives you the tools you need to better understand your customers. Try it directly on the site here or open it in a new fullscreen window by clicking on the button.

Try a fullscreen version here!

Augmented Reality

Using the latest AR Core and AR Kit technologies we deliver Augmented Reality solutions with our plyPROPERTY platform. Users can place and interact with fully scaled 3D model representations of houses and floorplans.

High quality interior and exterior rendering

Still images of architectural 3D renderings letting creativity transmit subtle moods and contexts.

Virtual reality on the web

Let customers experience their new home in a totally immersive way. This a web-based service and provide the ability to show their future apartment from home or at trade fairs and events. We deliver high quality cardboard VR glasses with custom graphics to suit your needs.


Contact: Jonas Sanden

tel Sweden: +46 (0)76 2465002



Contact: Giacomo Novara

tel UK: +44 7948682406



Contact: Filippo Mannelli

tel Italy: +39 393 9761345



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