PlyComposer enables your customers to configure complex products
directly in the browser using the latest real-time 3D technology.

Our web-based 3D interaction platform supports every step in the marketing and sales lifecycle.

Using the latest browser based 3D technologies we follow the logic of creating once and used anywhere, on any device.

Our platform can be integrated with your website, increasing sales, productivity and marketing efficiency

We simplify the complex

Our Web-based 3D marketing platform is a highly engaging marketing tool. Clients can visualize complex product designs and save time in deciding specific product combinations. The platform can be integrated on websites with no plug-in needed. This solution allows for creating 3D content once and deploying on all devices and platforms.

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Augmented Reality

Using the latest AR Core and AR Kit technologies we deliver Augmented Reality solutions with our plyComposer platform. Users can place and interact with fully scaled 3D model representations of their products in their working environment.

Virtual Reality

Add a virtual reality experience using the same assets developed in 3D for our platform. We can deliver custom designed VR headsets for marketing events.


The platform allows you to connect content from the 3D visualizations with HTML content. We can add value to your marketing and sales strategy and integrate an interactive 3D customization solution. Working online with 3D models of the products customers can create a unique version of and order it online. The platform can integrate with existing manufacturing and database systems.

Client Case - Kakellagret

Contact: Jonas Sanden

tel Sweden: +46 (0)76 2465002



Contact: Giacomo Novara

tel UK: +44 7948682406



Contact: Filippo Mannelli

tel Italy: +39 393 9761345



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